Envision Healthcare’s priority is caring for patients. Whether in a hospital or outpatient setting, our 25,000 physicians and advanced practitioners are focused on delivering high-quality, patient-focused care. They care for millions of patients yearly, from the common cold to a life-threatening emergency, and give selflessly of themselves every day to provide care and comfort to those in need.


Our Challenge


With that said, there are many challenges in delivering care in today’s economic and political environment. For decades, the healthcare system has been plagued by a confusing and complicated delivery and payment structure. Our team is focused on driving innovative solutions that enable physicians, insurance companies and health providers a level and fair playing field.

Our goal is to eliminate the hurdles so healthcare providers can steadfastly focus on caring for patients and most importantly, patients can receive care without worry and undue financial burden. It has been a bumpy road and not without scrutiny from our competitors, regulators and politicians.


Our Partners

We have aligned with industry partners to lead change on the state and national levels. It is imperative that we identify and influence changes in the healthcare system to protect the patient/physician relationship. Our partners include:


Our Promise

We are devoted to caring for patients. We are loyal to our physicians and clinicians.
We are committed to change.


Putting Patients First: Envision Healthcare’s White Paper on Solutions to End Surprise Coverage

Patient Flow Diagram

Our Commitment

Envision is taking the high road. We are acting in the best interest of patients. We have already converted 40 percent of previously out-of-network revenue to in-network status, and we plan to convert 75 percent of that amount by the end of 2018.  

Our Priority: Taking Care Of PAtients

Over 25,000 Physicians and
Advanced Practitioners

19.3 million annual
Emergency Department visits

Over 550
Anesthesia programs

2.9 million annual
Anesthetics visits

16 million annual
Radiology studies

2.4 million annual
Hospitalist visits

Approximately 200,000 annual
NICU (neonatal ICU days)

1,800 clinical departments
in healthcare facilities

Over 850 Emergency Medicine
and Hospitalist programs

90 Women’s and Children’s

263 Ambulatory Surgery

Over 1.7 million annual
Surgical procedures