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Envision Employee Relief Fund



The purpose of the Envision Employee Relief Fund (the Fund) is to provide financial assistance to full and part‐time employees of Envision, its subsidiaries and its affiliates, in times of severe financial need due to catastrophic events beyond their control and where all other avenues of support are exhausted. Qualifying events are determined by the Fund's bylaws and applicable non‐profit organization tax law. The Fund may provide grant assistance to employees of Envision, its subsidiaries and its affiliates, who meet eligibility requirements as outlined below.



The Fund may accept donations from employees, non‐employees and other organizations. Employees may make donations in the form of cash, credit card or payroll deduction.


Participant Eligibility:

Eligible employees are those who meet the Employment Classifications policy for full and part‐time classifications and are employed within Envision, its subsidiary companies and its affiliates. Eligibility to participate in the Employee Relief Foundation begins on the first day of employment.
Employees may receive grants in accordance with the Funds purpose and subject to the criteria and administration guidelines set forth below.

Request for Assistance

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