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Whether it's after a fire, a flood, or tornado—or during a pandemic—at Envision, we take care of one another. ERF grants can help pay your mortgage or rent, buy groceries or other necessities, cover costs when an immediate family member passes away, or address health care needs not covered by health insurance.

Envision teammates are eligible for ERF support as soon as they join our community. Grants help cover expenses incurred during the following qualifying events:

  • Uncontrollable loss of income.
  • Emergency/traumatic medical expenses that are not covered by existing insurance or that are the result of not having insurance coverage.
  • Natural disaster, which includes, but is not limited to, wildfire, flood, tornado, hurricane, severe storms, or earthquake, that have damaged or destroyed the employee's primary residence or vehicle.
  • Hospitalization/incapacitation of an employee or an employee's relative, resulting in the employee's inability to work for 7 consecutive days.
  • Catastrophic or extreme circumstances, which include, but are not limited to, fire, explosions, civil unrest, power failures, terrorism, major home damage that could not be prevented, serious crime against the employee (robbery, arson, assault, domestic abuse, extreme vandalism), and health pandemics.
  • Death of employee, spouse/partner, or dependent.

Because we know your needs are urgent, grants are disbursed within two business days through and Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposit following approval.

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Click here to locate your Employee ID. Your Employee ID is found by selecting Menu, Myself tab, Job Summary under Jobs.

Click here to locate your Employee ID, which is listed under My Info.

If you are having trouble finding your Employee ID, please call the appropriate service desk for assistance:
AMSURG Service Desk: 615.240.3897
Envision Service Desk: 833.893.4357

The following reflect potential qualifying catastrophic events that may create a financial hardship and the maximum relief assistance available per event. Note that not all such events will meet the criteria for relief assistance. Any individual item, or combination of items below, has a maximum of $2,500.

Please provide a summary of the catastrophic event and the financial losses associated with the event.