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Pioneering the Delivery of CareTM.


At Envision Healthcare, we are pioneering solutions to population healthcare challenges. Physician-led Envision Healthcare is the only organization with both the vision and the resources to deploy a provider network in ways that coordinate patient care no matter where or when the patient’s needs occur. This focus on appropriate care at appropriate times in appropriate settings results in better clinical outcomes and better patient experiences at lower costs … for an individual or populations of thousands.

We care for patients in need using an organizational approach to accomplish the Institute for Health Improvement’s (IHI) “Triple Aim” of;

  1. Improving the patient experience of care,
  2. Improving the health of populations,
  3. Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.

We believe these synergistic objectives are more easily accomplished in a company like ours, which operates along the entire continuum of care.

Through our three business units – EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health – Envision Healthcare is changing the face of healthcare by making it higher quality, more efficient and more affordable.

  • Envision Healthcare
    • Nation's leading provider of hospital physician services and emergency/non-emergency transportation
    • Annual revenues of $4 billion
    • More than 21 million patient encounters per year
  • AMR
    • Emergency and non-emergency ambulance transports
    • Community paramedics
    • Patient monitoring
    • 28,000+ professionals
    • Call center expertise
  • EmCare
    • Hospital-based physician services
    • 700 hospital contracts
    • Largest national recruiter of physicians
  • Evolution
    • Integrated medical practice specializing in the care and management of patients with complex cases in the home and alternate settings

Through EmCare, we have decades of experience, delivering 24/7 facilities-based care to millions of patients through our emergency medicine, hospitalist/intensivist, acute care surgery, anesthesiology and radiology/ teleradiology practices.

Additionally, via American Medical Response (AMR), we provide responses to 911 calls, FEMA-declared national disasters, interfacility transport needs and air ambulance flights. 

Evolution Health, our newest business unit, develops creative, customized healthcare solutions around the complex healthcare needs of consumers, healthcare organizations and payers. 

We are also using data and technology to solve other challenges. We have linked primary care physicians to hospitals, allowing them to admit and monitor their patients through our Direct Admit System for Hospitals™ (DASH™) technology. We have enhanced AMR’s proprietary electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) technology – Multi-EMS Data System (MEDS) – that tracks patients from initial 911 call through billing reconciliation; improved hospital throughput with EmCare's Rapid Admission Process and Gap Orders™ (RAP&GO™) evidence-based software; used patient data and medical research to improve cardiac survival rates; and built Evolution Health’s robust medical command centers with 24/7 physician-led staff who provide telemedicine and on-site care to patients living in their homes and alternate settings.

These and other innovations are the hallmarks of a company that is committed to better patient outcomes now and into the future, a visionary company such as Envision Healthcare that is truly … Pioneering the Delivery of Care™.