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Reducing Cost of Care


Making Healthcare Delivery More Affordable.


Envision Healthcare is parent to a family of physician-led companies – EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health – that combine to provide an array of care services unmatched within the industry.

EmCare, the nation’s largest physician practice management company, provides hospital-based care to millions of patients each year in more than 4,600 hospitals nationwide. Our pioneering integrated clinical services and integrated clinical technologies are improving provider communication and processes, resulting in improved quality of care, metrics and patient experiences while decreasing the total cost of care and potentially increasing hospital revenue. Just a few of our cost-saving and/or revenue-impacting programs are:

  • Lean for healthcare – EmCare’s consultants focus on improving process efficiencies throughout the hospital.
  • CMORx – This proprietary software evaluates patient data related to severity and complexity of care and identifies previously undocumented secondary diagnoses in order to improve outcomes and maximize appropriate reimbursable charges.
  • Rapid Admission Process & Gap Orders™ (RAP&GO™) – This evidence-based software helps expedite patient admissions from the E.D. through enhanced communication between E.D. physician and hospitalist as well as other hospital personnel involved in the inpatient admission process. Expedited admission from the E.D. means more E.D. beds are opened up for new patients in waiting, which can be a significant revenue driver for the hospital.
  • Direct Admit System for Hospitals™ (DASH™) – DASH allows community-based physicians, free-standing E.D.s, urgent care centers and outlying hospitals to direct admit patients to EmCare client hospital, potentially creating new loyalties and revenue sources for those hospitals.
  • Charge capture – EmCare’s proprietary Charge Capture is an Internet-based software solution that helps prevent lost revenue by automating the rounding, sign-off and physician coding process for hospitalist billing.

AMR, the nation’s largest medical transportation company, provides emergent and non-emergent patient transports. AMR also has a variety of programs and services that provide value enhancement and cost controls for client organizations, among them:

  • Communication technologies – One technology we offer notifies client hospitals as soon as a patient has exited a hospital bed via AMR transport so that the hospital staff can more quickly make that bed ready for the next patient.
  • Leased unit hours – This option allows hospitals to lease ambulances for intercampus transports on an hourly basis instead of on a fee-for-services basis, allowing clients to have more control over local unit productivity. 
  • Correct levels of service – We offer many vehicle types – basic life support, advanced life support, specialty/critical care, bariatric, wheelchair and even air transport – all staffed with appropriate levels of personnel in order to most cost-effectively meet client needs.

Evolution Health provides creative, customized healthcare solutions around the complex healthcare needs of consumers, healthcare organizations and payers. By treating patients in non-hospital settings, we are able to provide cost-effective care in ways that bring down the total cost of care for payers associated with preventable E.D. visits, and we are able to reduce CMS-imposed penalties to hospitals associated with preventable readmissions.

When EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health work together to manage the care of a single individual – or populations of thousands – the cost savings associated with our mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) services can be substantial. This is due to our commitment to deploying appropriate personnel who deliver appropriate levels of care at appropriate times and in appropriate settings.