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Population Health


Populations Managed. Costs Reduced.


Traditionally, once outside the walls of a specific facility, the delivery of patient care has been largely uncoordinated. Yet, a patient’s needs don’t end when he or she leaves a facility. Until now, the healthcare system has done little to coordinate transitions from one location to the next, or to provide a comprehensive array of coordinated care no matter when or where the patient needs care.

Physician-led Envision Healthcare is the only organization with both the vision and the resources to deploy a vast provider network in ways that coordinate patient care no matter where or when the patient’s needs occur. This focus on appropriate care by appropriate providers at appropriate times in appropriate settings results in better clinical outcomes and better patient experiences at lower costs … for an individual, or, for populations of thousands.

Through our three business units – EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health – Envision Healthcare is changing the face of healthcare by making it higher quality, more efficient and more affordable.
Envision Healthcare is the only organization that offers:

  • In-hospital care – through EmCare, one of the nation’s largest physician practice management groups
  • Medical transportation services – through AMR, the nation’s largest medical transportation company
  • Out-of-hospital care – through Evolution Health, a nationwide leader in such services

Envision Healthcare-affiliated providers care for more than 21 million patients each year in thousands of communities nationwide. No other company offers a comparable array of resources and services, and no other single company can support hospitals, hospital systems and payers the way we do. Our pioneering mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) services bring enhanced solutions to patients through technology, communications and integrated medical records. 

For one patient or thousands ... Envision Healthcare.