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Envision the Future, Today. Populations Managed; Costs Reduced.

Medicare, Medicaid, managed and accountable care organizations can all benefit from the unique set of services offered through physician-led Envision Healthcare. Envision cares for patients:

  • In hospitals – through EmCare, the nation’s largest physician practice management company
  • In vehicles transporting patients between two facilities - through AMR, the nation’s leading medical transportation company
  • In homes – through AMR and Evolution Health, a nationwide leader in out-of-hospital, population health management and mobile integrated healthcare services

Envision’s family of companies can help payers reduce the costs associated with managing care for an individual or populations of thousands. 

Our model is a family of closely affiliated companies (EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health) providing an expansive array of services that improve quality and coordination of care from the home to the hospital and home again – with the objective of keeping patients healthy and out of the EMS system and out of the hospital. Doing so improves clinical outcomes and lowers the cost of care for payers, while simultaneously enhancing the patient’s experience. Our state-of-the-art medical command centers are the hub that deploys providers to deliver:

  • Appropriate levels of care
  • At appropriate times
  • In appropriate settings

Our pioneering mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) services bring enhanced solutions to patients through technology, communications and integrated medical records. 

Of course, each payer’s interests and needs vary. Accordingly, Envision Healthcare offers flexibility and the development of customized programs to address each payer’s unique needs. Bring us your challenges and our team of clinicians and business professionals will develop the solutions to meet them.

To discuss what Envision Healthcare can do for your organization, contact our team.