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Improving Patient Experiences


We Care, and It Shows.


Envision Healthcare is a company filled with highly skilled, well-trained clinical professionals who share a passion to deliver high-quality, compassionate and personalized care to every patient. Each year, our affiliated companies – EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health – serve more than 21 million patients in thousands of communities nationwide. Our care is delivered in hospitals, in homes and en route between the two. 

EmCare is the nation’s largest physician practice management company. Our affiliated physicians and other clinicians treat millions of patients each year at more than 4,600 hospitals nationwide in their emergency, inpatient, O.R. and radiology departments. EmCare offers a number of services that improve patient experiences, including:

  • Studer Group national partnership – Working in concert with Studer Group, EmCare helps clients hardwire the fundamentals of service designed to improve patient and physician satisfaction. 
  • Reducing patient wait times – The longer patients wait, the less satisfied they become. EmCare offers several programs designed to minimize patient wait times at various points along their healthcare journey. Among them:
    • Front-end redesign – We coach hospital clients to redesign facilities and processes in ways that reduce the time it takes patients to see a physician, be treated and, ultimately, be discharged. 
    • Rapid Admission Process & Gap Orders™ (RAP&GO™) – EmCare changed the industry with RAP&GO evidence-based software. RAP&GO helps expedite hospital admissions from the E.D. through enhanced communication between E.D. physician and hospitalist as well as other hospital resources involved in the inpatient admission process. 
    • Direct Admit System for Hospitals™ (DASH™) – DASH allows community-based physicians, free-standing E.D.s, urgent care centers and outlying hospitals to direct admit patients to EmCare client hospitals and allows those referral sources to track their patients and coordinate their patients’ care. 
  • Patient experience surveys – At EmCare, we ask patients and family members to utilize Qualitick™ tablet computers to provide immediate feedback about their experience before they leave the hospital.

AMR is the nation’s leading medical transportation company. It is known for being responsive, reliable and respected, and is guided by our mission of being “patient-focused, customer-centered and caregiver-inspired.” AMR services are focused on creating outstanding patient experiences which include:

  • Thoroughly documenting patient encounters helps expedite handoffs between AMR and hospital personnel and ensures information is not lost in the process.
  • Our MEDS software documents patient care demographic and insurance information, speeds and improves pre-hospital patient care reports, provides emergency department staff with critical patient information upon arrival at the hospital and tracks data to identify trends in quality assurance and patient care.
  • Our commitment to outstanding patient experiences is even recognized by the U.S. government – AMR is the primary emergency medical services response contractor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Evolution Health was created with the patient’s needs in mind. Our patient-centered model ensures that the right provider delivers the right care at the right time in the right location with the hope of decreasing unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations. Our medical command centers dispatch appropriate providers to patients in need and provide our commitment to providing convenient, high-quality clinical care and outstanding patient experiences. 

EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health frequently work in concert to deliver mobile integrated healthcare services to patients regardless of the care setting. Whether managing care for an individual or populations of thousands, our pioneering MIH services bring enhanced solutions to patients through technology, communications and integrated medical records. 

Working independently or on an integrated basis, EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health are redefining the delivery of care in the United States, creating better outcomes and better patient experiences.