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We Care for Thousands of Communities Nationwide.

Each year, Envision Healthcare-affiliated providers care for millions of people across the United States by leveraging the company’s vast resources to deliver appropriate levels of care at appropriate times in appropriate settings.

Through our three business units AMR, EmCare and Evolution Health, we care for millions of patients each year in the hospital, in their homes and en route between the two. AMR, EmCare and Evolution Health are pioneering new ways to improve both clinical outcomes and improve patient experiences, while lowering the costs for our communities and government partners.

American Medical Response touches the lives of more than 4,400,000 patients every year as we provide emergency care, non-emergency medical transportation and mobile health services in more than 2,100 communities in 47 states and the District of Columbia. AMR is also the primary emergency response contractor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

EmCare is the nation’s largest physician practice management company. Our affiliated physicians and other clinicians treat millions of patients each year at more than 4,600 hospitals nationwide in their emergency, inpatient, O.R. and radiology departments. We also provide a suite of technology solutions to streamline patient care. 

Evolution Health is a nationwide leader in out-of-hospital care, population health management and mobile integrated healthcare. We are pioneering the creation of customized delivery models leveraging mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) services in the management of medically complex patient populations across the United States.

From small farming communities to major metropolitan areas, our caring and highly skilled clinical professionals are serving our neighbors, friends and family members in their homes, in hospitals and in between. Our pioneering vision of delivering thoughtfully coordinated care at appropriate levels, at appropriate times and in appropriate settings is improving the healthcare system for the better in communities nationwide.

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