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Who We Help.

The healthcare delivery system is changing. We know that better than most because we're driving much of that change. As a partner who helps navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare delivery, we are vigilant in working with you to identify opportunities to better serve our communities together.


We thrive on integrated systems (hospitals, community, municipalities, health plans, primary care, etc.). In fact, our model requires strong integration and collaboration. We can ramp up, scale down, change practices and redirect our efforts better than just about any other practice of medicine, and we use our own expertise to expand the experiences of each company within the family to strengthen us as an organization.

  • Use of anesthesia care to guide airway management discussions in AMR
  • Use of CAD technology (AMR) to build the Evolution Health practice deployment model
  • Interprofessional curriculum for mobile integrated health in Evolution Health



By contracting with physician-led Envision Healthcare, hospitals and healthcare systems will conveniently realize improved clinical quality, metrics and financial performance as well as improved patient experiences.


Envision’s family of companies can help payers (Medicare, Medicaid, managed and accountable care organizations) reduce costs associated with managing care for an individual or a population of thousands.


From small farming communities to major metropolitan areas, our caring and highly skilled clinical professionals are serving our neighbors, friends and family members in their homes, in hospitals and in between.


Physician-led Envision Healthcare is among the nation’s largest and most respected employers of clinical personnel. Our family includes more than 35,000 skilled and caring men and women. Join us.


Envision Healthcare partners with physicians through AMSURG to deliver high quality, low cost care utilizing data-driven best practices and process improvement techniques allowing physicians and staff to focus on patient care and quality outcomes.


How We Help.


Improving Patient Experiences

EmCare, AMR and Evolution Health are redefining the delivery of care in the United States, creating better outcomes and better patient experiences.


Improving Clinical Outcomes

The highly skilled, exceptionally well-trained clinicians affiliated with Envision are committed first and foremost to delivering exceptional patient care.


Reducing Cost of Care

Our patient-centric approach helps patients recover faster and be well longer, thereby reducing costs as well the number of preventable readmissions.


Improving Provider Experiences

We employ the industry’s most knowledgeable and skilled clinicians and provide them the support needed to deliver exceptional care – one patient at a time.


Population Health

Our vast provider network coordinates appropriate care at appropriate times in appropriate settings, resulting in better outcomes and experiences at lower costs.