Team Shout Outs

"Shoutout to the website team including Adam Brown, Stu Coffman, Keenan Bora, Yara Nielsonshultz, Josh Bloomstone, and the IT support group for putting together an amazing website."

— Keenan Bora

"Vanessa Izadi - HRSS Service Center Manager - Demonstrating great leadership skills."

— Ravi Patel

"I also want to give shout out to credentials and Operations team in central division supporting new programs in Texas, specifically from Dallas and Houston."

— Harshit Rao

"Shout out: to Nicole Caponetto and the NJ redeployment team for organizing over 20,000 hours of anesthesia redeployment to cover COVID patients in ICUs throughout the state!"

— David Rocamboli

"Shout out to Naomi Teare, Northeast RSC. She has been instrumental in working with IT to develop processes for EmWorks and superior Credentialing through the COVD crisis for Credentialing!"

— Diane Martin

"Kudos to the Clinical Services (DCS) team for contributions to the Safe ED Visits toolkit. We are receiving positive feedback from hospital partners. Thank you! "

— Lina Hodac

"Shout out to Tasha Butler and Stacie Nieberding for championing weekly micro learning for our remote workforce. "

— Matt Pittman

"Shout out to all the Envision Intensivist across the country on the front lines taking care of critical COVID patients; especially the Advanced Ventilator Therapies and ECMO team in North Texas."

— Harshit Rao

"Shout out to the Clinical Hot Topic Work group led by Stu Coffman, Keenan Bora, and Josh Bloomstone and the various faculty members for keeping our frontline staff as current as possible on emerging evidence for COVID treatment."

— Matt Pittman

"I want to give a shout to the Central Group credentialing team, they have been resilient during this craziness!! You all are ROCKSTARS!!! Blessed to have a great team!"

— Karen Vineyard

"Kudos to Ann Louise Tisdale-Ramos and Matt Pittman for doing such an amazing job representing the Talent Development team and for helping to keep all the leadership calls on track. You both make us proud and we miss you."

— TC McCarthy

"**Shout out** to the Dallas Provider Enrollment team. They are truly showing that teamwork does in fact make the dream work! We have a ton of work and everyone is trying to help each other to get our providers enrolled. Also shout out to Dr. Slepin and Dr. Byrne for always being so quick to return items I've sent to them for signatures."

— Tanisha Berry

"Kansas RCM has done an outstanding job getting around all obstacles and keep putting out very productive work and claims with little to no delay!"

— Tammy Tracy

"Kudos to Ann Louise Tisdale and Matt Pittman for helping coordinate our Hot Topics web series. "

— Stu Coffman

"Kudos to Keenan Bora and Josh Bloomstone, my partners in keeping our clinicians informed, educated, and supported with the best evidence-based medicine available."

— Stu Coffman

"A shout out to my entire Office Team for their incredible efforts to keep the offices running and switch to telehealth almost overnight."

— Srinivas Bollimpalli

"Thank you Cheryl Crosby for keeping our team engaged!"

— S Morrison

"Shout out to Abbas Asadi's team!"

— Simi Merchant

"Shout out to our entire RSC team. Thank you for your unwavering commitment in supporting our clinicians though every disaster site request and crisis redeployment initiative as well as stepping in and helping your fellow teammates, no questions asked, throughout this entire state of crisis. It’s an absolute privilege in getting to support and work with all of you. "

— Sheena Jaglan

"I would just like to shout out the non-clinical staff for holding it down throughout this whole situation. We may not be saving lives firsthand, but we are providing an invaluable service nonetheless."

— Shannon Keenan

"Shout out to Amy Joseph, Product Leadership Manager in Radiology IT. She's helping and motivating our strained team to continue to deliver technology, telehealth, and other initiatives to keep our clinicians working."

— Sean Adams

"Shout out to Carsi Padrnos, RN, and Sue Kirk, RN, two of our DCS West Group team members who have stepped up to help with operations as a result of several of our ops team members being furloughed."

— Scott Zeilinger

"Shout out to the AMSURG Arizona team. They advocated to the state for their ASCs and clarified our procedures are essential services! "

— Sandy Smith

"Anesthesia Finance team for all the support to perform modeling needed to support operations with ever changing comp!"

— Ryon Vazquez

"Thank you to payroll, who on more than one occasion has either fixed something that came up as an oversight or got an answer to a pressing question which helped alleviate fears."

— Robert Frohm

"Shout out to Vanessa Izadi, Manager, HR Shared Services, for demonstrating excelence in leading and coaching the HRSS Team. "

— Ravi Patel

"Thank you Benefits and HRSS teams! You responded to over 5,000 teammate calls in the month of April and have worked very hard to take care of the customer, our valued employees!!!"

— Michelle Cotton

"Shout out to Janell Fadler in Marketing for keeping my team focused on deliverables and timing."

— Matthew Pittman

"Shout out to Drs. Astrove and Plosker in Boca Raton Florida; I have been working as a CRNA with their practice since 1995. They care tremendously for their team and treat us like family. I greatly appreciate the safe work environment they have created. They are working diligently as I write this to help us through this crisis. "

— Maria Romano

"Shout out for Suzanne Morrison, CRNA (PA Three Rivers Endoscopy Center). Outstanding leader!"

— Margaret Squiller

"Shout out to Team One AR Resolution clerks Anna Monaghan, Paula Minor, Ariel Buela and Amy Thuong for their amazing work ethic, positive attitude and commitment to the team! They continue to come into the office during COVID-19. Thank you! "

— Linda Heiser


— Laurie Markus-Cornell

"Mini Delashaw, ED director, has been amazing. She collaborated with some friends to make sure her ER staff was provided with food night and day throughout our toughest days."

— Unknown

"Shout out to Dr. Amit Agrawal, Phoenix. Extraordinary leadership during this challenge. Thank you!"

— Kim Krueger

"Thanks to the Insight team and especially our nurses Giselle Joines, RN, and Emily Forsythe, RN. Happy Nurses Week and thanks Insight and Center Apps teams. YOU ROCK!"

— K Franks

"Great job done by the Kansas RCM team for pulling together to get monthly goals completed."

— Kathy Carbrey

"Thank you all. These calls are very much appreciated."

— Kathleen Mack

"Executive leadership has done a fantastic job guiding the organization through this challenge and keeping everyone informed."

— Kathleen Kondas

"Super proud of my team for funding a healthy meal for the clinicians at Mt. Sinai."

— Kathleen Kondas

"To the Central Group Credentialing team, you all are amazing rockstars who have risen up above and beyond!! Truly blessed with this team!!!"

— Karen Vineyard

"Thank you to an exceptional team, a team that rose to the occasion, a team that will always go beyond to support Envision. Thank you, Zee, Brenda Key, Mark Grossi, Paul Wilson, Maritza Santiago, Stacey K., Micah E., Joe Espinosa, Inna, Anupama, Kalvinder, Anand, Mark Parkins, Saul Bernal. Thank you!!!"

— Judy Tarrant

"Shout out to all the nurses that have gone through this being on the front lines."

— Joseph Grimesiv

"Thank you, Dr. Stefanie Simmons, for holding the COVID-19 Support calls for employees & furloughed staff! "

— J Lauer

"Shout out to Trent Mattison for great work on state advocacy."

— Jillian Wright

"Shout out to Stef Simmons. Her daily calls/ meditations have been a saving grace, source of light and much needed routine. And Ann Louise, you too are a beacon of joy. :) Thank you!"

— Jennifer Edwards

"Shout out to our wonderful Design Team in Dallas: Heather O'Connor and Brian Lu! They have been asked to create marketing collateral with little notice, short turnaround times, sometimes with multiple changes - without one complaint. Not only are they doing this fast, but their quality remains high for each piece. I appreciate their hard work and positive attitude. "

— Jennifer McMenamin

"Jody Tootle's team has been extremely helpful in setting up redeployment contracts!!"

— Jeff Logston

"Thank you for all your hard work and courage in making tough decisions."

— Jean Faustin

"Shout out to the Finance team on getting a new forecast created with less people and in a very limited timeframe. I am impressed with how the team worked together to forecast more efficiently with more effective analysis and review."

— JC Vicary

"LOVE how ANN LOUISE TISDALE and MATT PITTMAN lead Clinical Hot Topics and From the Frontlines Calls. You guys are AMAZING!"

— Janell Fadler

"Also, a loud thanks to all our Intensivists across Envision."

— Harshit Rao

"Standing ovation to the pulmonary office staff in Dallas, Texas, for taking care of the pulmonary outpatients and pitching in with the drive through testing around Dallas."

— Harshit Rao

"I would like to a share a non-clinical shout out for Edwin Riofrio, Finance Manager with Envoy. So often Edwin’s work is behind the scenes, but his fingerprints are all over the good work within the Envoy division. His ability to create financial forecasts, develop systems, and provide strategic mapping allows us to prioritize the best outcome for our clinicians, Envision operators and Envoy staff. Edwin has been instrumental in creating smooth disaster payroll processing, invoice strategy implementation, and supporting the necessary reporting tracking tools to operationalize our Envoy Crisis redeployment efforts. "

— Gillian Arbas

"Shout out to Melissa Vorpagel, director of operations for anesthesia in the central market! She works tirelessly to support our clinicians and sites and has helped keep our team moving forward!"

— Unknown

"Sincere thank you to Mansoor and Kevin and the Envoy support team! They have been absolutely incredible."

— Eric VanMoorlehem

"Shout out to Nicole Caponnetto Regional PM in NJ for organizing 20,000 hours of redeployment of anesthesia clinicians to COVID coverage!"

— David Rocamboli

"Dr. Michael Delk in Sebring has been doing a great job with helping us navigate this crisis."

— Christopher Chrosniak

"Sheena Nichols, PM FL- Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding."

— Christina Johnson

"I would like to thank my providers in Sanford and Fort Walton Beach for stepping up and helping out with the Clinic as needed. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Evans, I would like to thank you for your patience throughout this transition."

— Christina Johnson

"Shout out to Adam Brown who personally answered my email regarding flu versus COVID."

— Carla Marshall

"Radiology shout out and thank you to Jeff Cyncynatus and Elio Perez for keeping the entire Radiology Service Operations and IT teams together and aligned and in positive spirits throughout this entire process. Envision is lucky to have great leaders such as these two."

— Bridgette Hawks

"So grateful for our clinicians on the front lines, for our active service military team members who are eager to get home to their families, and to all the non-clinical team members cheering them on. #mission #envisionstrong"

— Bonnie O’Meara

"Kudos to the Talent Development team for Pivot - Pivoooot - Pivooooooting to serve our clinicians in clinical education and from the front lines webinars, supporting government affairs daily research, and delivering regular lunch and learns for remaining team members. So proud of each of you."

— Bonnie O’Meara

"I would like to make a shout out to Supervisor, Kenisha Butts at AMSURG, who has been amazing since the furlough, she kept in touch with her team, checking on us and making sure we didn't need anything, she has been amazing."

— Alisha Anderson