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Strategic Partners


Envision Healthcare builds strategic partnerships with other healthcare providers to expand opportunities for the company and its partners.  

Through innovative co-marketing arrangements, the company offers a broad range of services to its customers and clients to meet an increasing need for outsourced healthcare solutions.

In one such agreement, the company’s EmCare subsidiary partnered with Advanced ICU Care, Inc. (AICU), a medical service company that provides high-quality remote critical care to patients in the intensive care units (ICU) of community hospitals. Under the terms of the agreement, EmCare’s inpatient services division partners with AICU to co-market EmCare hospitalist and AICU intensivist programs to hospitals. By offering programs which combine the services of both hospitalists and intensivists, the companies can help hospitals improve the continuum of care delivered to patients in the intensive care unit.

In another agreement, EmCare partnered with EA Health, a medical services company that provides on-call & acute care management solutions to ensure multi-specialty physician availability for all patients presenting to emergency departments and through hospitalization and follow-up care. The EmCare-EA Health collaboration is an essential element in the continuum of unscheduled care that Envision Healthcare brings to the healthcare landscape, from AMR's pre-hospital services and EmCare's hospital-based services, all the way through to Evolution Health's post-discharge and home health services.