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02.14.2018 Revolving Emergency-Room Door Brings New Physicians Group to Indian River Medical Center

Todd Bibens, IRMC Vice President of Operations, said Envision Healthcare will provide strong clinical leadership and necessary medical staff moving forward.

12.20.2017 Local Emergency Crews Switch to Smarter, Silent Dispatch System

Lee Turpen with Evansville AMR calls it an intelligence dispatch system designed for efficiencies

12.20.2017 Rural Metro Firefighter Jeremy George Honored for Saving Life at Local Fitness Center

Jeremy George, a Rural Metro firefighter was recently honored for most likely saving a life while he was off-duty working out at a local fitness center

12.20.2017 Sumter Public Safety Coming to Powell Road

Standing two stories tall and spanning 45,800 square feet, the center houses training rooms, offices, records and storage. There’s a 911 joint dispatch with American Medical Response and...

12.19.2017 Be a Santa to a Senior Brings Gifts to Residents of Care Facilities

This is the first year the local American Medical Response employees worked on the Be A Santa program

12.19.2017 EMS in Mississippi Giving Life-Saving Drug Overdose Antidote Frequently

Naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcan, is used as an antidote for a drug overdose. AMR has administered more than 900 Narcan doses this year

12.18.2017 Syracuse AMR says Responders Ready for Situation like Washington Train Derailment

AMR said that all first responders in Syracuse are trained and prepared for a mass casualty incident like the one in Washington

12.18.2017 Would you Take an Uber to the Hospital? New Study Highlights Positive and Negative Effect

Experts say those who try to tough it out by driving themselves or by taking an Uber to the hospital could be putting themselves at serious risk

12.16.2017 Ride-along with First Responders as they Deal with Winter Weather

Every year, AMR paramedics and EMTs must go through training to make sure they can handle the ambulance in the severe weather

12.15.2017 AMR Crews Say Snow Will Not Slow Them Down

AMR crews are all prepped and ready to respond to emergency calls
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