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Disclaimer: This website and its content is intended as a resource for clinicians caring for critically-ill COVID-19 patients, based on available evidence and recommendations of governing bodies. The recommendations do not replace clinical judgment or the need for individualized patient care plans. While we attempt to keep this website up-to-date, the literature on COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, and we suggest that practitioners search for the most up-to-date literature on any specific topic. These guidelines will also rapidly evolve as they are implemented into clinical practice and we receive feedback from practitioners. Additionally, local factors should be taken into account if utilized.

General Information

What the Department of Radiology Should Know
Epidemiology, imaging, and safety precautions []

Essentials for Radiologists
Radiology Scientific Expert Panel on clinical presentation, baseline and evolution of chest CT findings, CT vs RT-PCR testing []

Radiology Department Preparedness
Radiology Scientific Expert Panel on top priorities in preparedness policies at 6 healthcare systems []


How to Perform AGP Safely in the IR Suite
Clinical Notification from the Society of Interventional Radiology


CT Imaging of COVID-19 Pneumonia
Case review and images []

COVID-19 Complicated by Acute Pulmonary Embolism
Case review and images []

CT Findings

Chest CT Findings from "Diamond Princess" Cruise Ship
Comparison of images between symptomatic and asymptomatic cases in 112 RT-PCR confirmed cases []

Chest CT Findings Related to Duration of Infection
Common CT findings from time between symptom onset and initial CT scan []

Sensitivity of Chest CT: Comparison to RT-PCR
Supports use of chest CT for screening, particularly when RT-PCR testing is negative []

Temporal Changes of CT Findings with COVID-19 Pneumonia
Longitudinal study of 90 patients []

Time Course of Lung Changes on Chest CT from COVID-19 Pneumonia
Changes in CT findings associated with COVID-19 pneumonia from initial diagnosis until recovery []

PPE Guidance and Clinician Safety

Steps to Keep You and Your Family Safe at Home

Steps for Safely Putting on and Removing PPE

Recommendations for PPE Utilization
Consensus Statement from the Inter-Corporate COVID-19 Collaboration Group

Guidance for Clinicians with Underlying Medical Conditions
Consensus Statement from the Inter-Corporate COVID-19 Collaboration Group

Quarantine Resources

What Do I Do if I’m Quarantined at Home?
10 ways to protect yourself and others

Guidance for Healthcare Provider Quarantine and Return to Work
Consensus Statement from the Inter-Corporate COVID-19 Collaboration Group

Intake Form for Clinicians Under Quarantine
Only use for quarantine; do not use for exposures alone

Occupational Health Screening Sign-Up Form
Complete this form if you’re unsure if you should return to work