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Getting Started

Do I need to download the App again if I was an early Beta Tester?
Yes, please delete any prior version(s) of the App that may be on your mobile device(s) before installing the current version of the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Are there any technical pilot user requirements?
Clinicians within the Envision Healthcare network of companies must have:
- An active Okta account with a username and password
- An iPhone or Android mobile device
- Access to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
- Consistent cellular or WIFI access (necessary when viewing App data)

I am not sure if I have Okta credentials to log in. How do I find out?
Please contact the Support Desk 24/7 for Okta Login Support:
- Support Desk 24/7: (833) 893-4357 or
- Visit the Okta self-service portal and enter your email address and password to login or use the “reset password” feature to update your password at

Are there any non-technical pilot user requirements?
Completion of a three-minute pilot user experience survey that will be available from October 20 to October 22, 2020.

Can I invite my colleagues to use the App (even in this pilot phase) and, if so, how?
If you would like to share the App and chat with colleagues that are not a part of the pilot program, please ask them to visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Envision Health App (you can also share a link to the App via text message or email directly from the App’s home page in the Apple App Store).
NOTE: Chat messages to non-pilot users may go unanswered. Only clinicians who are part of the pilot group (i.e., have downloaded and logged into the App) will receive chat messages.

How do I download & install the App?
To download:
- iPhone users can download the App through Apple’s App Store
- Android users can download the App though the Google Play Store
To install:
Log in to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for Envision Health using the Store’s search by name feature. NOTE: As several apps in each store have the word "envision" in their name, please look for the Envision Healthcare logo prior to installing the App.
If you experience any issues downloading the App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, please contact that store’s support team.

How do I log into the App after I download it?
After opening the App on their mobile device, clinicians must use their most recent Okta credentials to login to the App.
IMPORTANT: If you have more than one corporate email address, please use the Okta email address and password that you commonly use to reach the Envision Healthcare HR Portal and other online applications.


How do I reach user support?

Okta / Login & General Support Issues
- Support Desk 24/7: 833.893.4357
- Self-Service Okta Password Update:

User Data Issues
To update user data that is not editable in the App, please submit an in-App support request (described below) or contact user support at (833) 893-4357

Site Data Issues
Site data (e.g., travel information, amenities, protocol notes, etc.) will be updated and curated by site administrators during all phases of App rollout and adoption

In-App Support Requests (multiple topics)
Open support tickets directly from the Envision App
- Navigate to the More menu at the bottom of the screen
- Select Comments & Feedback
- Click Select a Support Category and choose one of the following options:
  - My Profile demographics are inaccurate
  - My Site Assignments or Region is inaccurate
  - I am experiencing issues with Direct Chat
  - Directory information is inaccurate
  - General App Feedback
  - Other
- Submit Support Request

Issues Downloading the App
If you experience any issues downloading the App from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, please contact that store’s support team.

Are there any feature or use limitations for pilot users?
My Schedule: Currently, only clinicians in service lines that use EmTime or Qgenda for scheduling can view their schedules in the App.


What are some of the things I can do in the App?

My Profile
- View your public and private demographic information
- Add a profile photo
- Edit demographic information including mailing address, home phone, business phone, and mobile phone

Clinician Directory
- Sort to view or search for clinicians by region, site, specialty, and hospital system
- Select favorite providers for quick access to chat and calling features

Site Directory
- Sort to view or search for sites
- View site phone number, location and travel information, staff with contact information, amenities, related providers, beds and patient days, transfer sites, protocol notes, teaching status, clinical services and utilization (site information will be updated and curated by each site’s administrative staff)

- Create private one-on-one or group chats
- Initiate a chat or group chat by searching for a user(s) in the clinician directory by name, region, specialty, site, or hospital system
- Attach images and video to chat messages
- Mute chat alerts or remove yourself from a chat group
- Delete or edit chat thread content or flag a chat as a high priority item

My Pay
- Select a pay period and view paycheck details

My Schedule (EmTime & Qgenda only)
- Members of service lines using EmTime and Qgenda for scheduling can view their work schedule information in either calendar or list format

Credentialing & Enrollment Status
- View sites to which the user is assigned both grouped by “Active” and “Inactive”
- View user’s credentialing and enrollment status by site

Corporate Communications
- Receive general corporate communications
- Receive targeted communications by region and service line
- Receive special announcements, notifications, and content from corporate and clinical leadership

Corporate Contacts
- View corporate contacts and make calls to applicable contacts (e.g., Benefits Department, Legal, etc.)

What other new functionality should I be looking forward to?

- Tablet and landscape graphics update
- Discussion Rooms
  - Corporate user: create and auto moderate
  - App user: option to request membership or opt out of rooms
  - App user: ability to post to more than one room
- My RVUs
  - User can view the RVU Tableau report

My Profile
- User can set phone privacy settings to hide or show mobile number

My Pay
- Export or print check

My Schedule
- Request shift swap

Credentialing and Enrollment Status
- Credentialing and enrollment elements will show a status for each including expiration and renewal dates
- Notifications based on credential expiration dates
- Ability to send updated information to corporate

Privacy & Security

Are my chat messages private?
Yes, all chat messages are private, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

Does installing the App compromise my privacy?
The App only collects device, mobile operating system, and other information related directly to the user’s device and use of the Envision App: Chat messages auto-delete from the system when a one-on-one or group chats have had no additional messaging activity for 30 days.

The App does not collect information from the user’s device, such as: Location data, information related to other apps that are installed on the user’s device, information from other apps, phone chat records, phone calling records, contact records, personal calendar information, or any other pieces of personal information that are not directly related to gathering general usage information in order to measure adoption, feature use, service quality, and similar data points that will be used to enhance the App in future releases.

Is the App HIPAA compliant?
Yes, the App is HIPAA compliant.

Where does the data in the App come from?
Clinician, site, payroll, scheduling, credentialing, and enrollment data securely passes through to the App from Envision Healthcare source systems such as Oracle, EmWorks, and Qgenda (please see the note on site data below):
- Integrations with additional source systems will be completed and additional data and functionality will be present in future releases
- Updating user data that is not editable in the App requires opening an in-App support ticket or contacting user support - Site-specific data (e.g., travel information, amenities, protocol notes, and other categories of site information that are not currently stored in source systems) will be updated and curated by site administrators during all phases of app rollout and adoption.